Dear friends,


Purification of the water storage space in use is essential to ensure the quality of the water.


Οver time microorganisms and bacteria are growing in water tanks, especially after frequent interruptions of the water supply. Also, if a pipe breaks in the neighborhood then inorganic microparticles can be carried over the tank resulting in the sludge at the bottom of the tank.


The water with which you cook, take bath for you and for your children, wash your fruits or even brush your teeth should be clean and healthy.


With the thorough cleaning of your tanks, you feel carefree and sure about the safety on the water you use.


Ideally, tanks must be cleaned and washed 1 time per year.


OFFER: CLEANING OF WATER TANK 2t (2 tones of water) € 90,00.


The offer includes:


1) Empty the tanks.

2) Wash with a special chemical and soap.

3) Rinsing.

4) Cleaning and refilling of tanks with water.


There are conditions and restrictions (such as inclined ceilings, ease of access and power supply).


For a visit arrangement to your building, please contact us at our email to our call center on 22878595.


We will be happy to serve you and save you money.